Ambra Dolce signs with modelRed.

New Italian beauty Ambra Dolce beauty is coming to the US in August, and she can be booked through porn’s newest agency - modelRED. Ambra Dolce has been busy shooting a few scenes with European studios and decided that the next step is to broaden her work with shoots in the States.

Ambra, 25, loves nature and is a self-confessed hippy, said that the decision to move to the US came after she approached modelRED. “They are amazing at modelRED. I had reached out to a few agencies but they didn’t inspire me with confidence” she said. “modelRED, on day one, talked brand, social, PR and marketing and support. I now feel like I’m part of a bigger team, not a girl alone out there.”

“I love shooting porn. I have to admit that I didn’t want to commit until I had shot in Europe and saw it. I like to give everything I do in life 100%, so I needed to know that I was truly doing what I loved.” One performer Ambra loves to watch (and who was her inspiration for joining the adult industry) is Adriana Chechik. “I love her incredible energy and – like me – she clearly loves sex.” Asked if she would love to do a scene with Adriana she simply said, “Voglio che mi scopi alla grande!” which roughly translates to: “I want her to fuck my brains out.” When asked about which male performers she would like to work with – she just smiled and said: “As many as possible.”

She will be launching her Only Fans soon but she has already had her diary filled with “content trade” bookings. “I reached out to some of the performers I admire and would love to work with. They were amazing and very supportive. They were also keen to collaborate with me especially after I sent them a little video.” (Editorial Comment: No Brainer) Just when we thought it couldn’t get any hotter in the United States this summer, expect temps to climb when Ambra lands in the US in August. This one will definitely be one to watch and one your studio should book through modelRED.

Ambra is taking booking through modelRED from August onwards. Contact modelRED at