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FU Stalker!

As we are sitting here watching VIVIDTV – they are showing the start of a scene with a stalker – where the model literally took a bat out to threaten the ass hat to leave. Of course, in the world of Porn / Cable TV differences were settled (and she had sex with him – and it was fucking hot!).

I want to state for the record, stalkers are a very real reality that will threaten your daily life and habits. My husband and I have experienced a stalker who pulled images online of me in a very FUN scene and sent it to my employer at the time. Thankfully my employer at the time called me to say that there was “someone out there to get me”. Not knowing that yes, I am a kinky motherfucker, they were like “we don’t care about your personal life” and they were a big corporation and didn’t give two shits because I was producing, but let’s be real, many people do not have such kind employers. Some ladies work for more conservative, local folks.

Though, let’s be real, stalkers are still a real threat to all models, so what should be done to disguise oneself? Should you limit where you are visible to via cam? Just how much do you want the public to see? What is your own limit to who should be seeing you?

All these questions may only be answered by yourself – they are personal and intimate to you as a person. End of the day, I hope that we all embrace the mantra of – FUCK YOU STALKER, I am in it for my enjoyment, whether you like it or not. However, whatever your stance – safety is Number One, take care of yourself and your family – then have a fucking great time.

Because, no matter what, safety is paramount, though not at the expense of your income.