Today’s question: Bush or No Bush?

blue and silver Gillette razor

So, again, viewing all of the models out there, we see a variety of lovely ladies with a bush or fully shaved, so hence the question (to borrow from Shakespeare) – to Bush or No Bush? For me, personally, I am a fan of no bush, though it’s because I am super hyper-critical of what […]

FU Stalker!

brown wooden blocks on white surface

As we are sitting here watching VIVIDTV – they are showing the start of a scene with a stalker – where the model literally took a bat out to threaten the ass hat to leave. Of course, in the world of Porn / Cable TV differences were settled (and she had sex with him – […]

Aging Out

As you “age out of the industry” (depending on what this sexist situation of our porn industry says), the question is… what is your angle? Do you stay holding on to various intellectual property? How do you re-purpose the content you have? Do you keep yourself relevant or wait? Here’s the rub – no matter […]